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Where pulp and fibre meet

messy play for fun and fabric

Creating fabric and paper with fibres and pulp

I spend my creative time working in lots of different ways not just painting, as I believe that it is through creative play that I learn and inform my future work.

Over the last month I have been playing with paper making and developing recipes that I make up as I go along. Some of the finished goods were #paper as we know it, of that there is no doubt, although the texture was interesting, given that I didn't own a food processor at the time .....although that is now remedied.

Having learned to get the consistency right, adding things became my next experiment and the contents of a small flower press came in very useful to make a sheet of something rather lovely .... not content with the sheet of paper I had to make something with it. I have seen large paper stars before but not made them .... perhaps it will be a while until I make them again, but the current constellation of them in Happy Planet is rather pleasing. Some have have natural elements worked into them, others are #painted and dyed while the paper is still wet to give a very soft but bright colouring.

Is it paper or is it fabric?

My next little adventure asked what happened when fibres were added and pulp removed. The first batch was an unmitigated disaster, but it taught me to use short threads. I then dispensed with the blender and the frame and just did things manually building layers of fibre. It was time consuming, but it was one of those gentle mindless activities where time floats away and the process absorbs full attention. The application of a flour and water paste proved to be very messy but great fun.......unlike the time waiting for it to dry.

I have used raw #cotton, #kapok and #silk and will no doubt try other fibres as well as adding leaves and other natural inclusions to see what I learn and what it might be stars this month but it could well be something more earthly next time.

Whatever happens I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish.

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