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Time on My Hands

A community exhibition of lockdown reflections

So having created my clocks earlier in the year, I was left wondering how others were experiencing #lockdown, as well as how they might be capturing this creatively. I decided to organise an #exhibition and invite the #community to share it with me.

The process was quite simple as I have organised photography exhibitions before and I had a venue, so the most difficult part was reaching the community.

I wrote an awful lot of emails to groups and organisations, as well as posting the opportunity on social media and asking businesses to display posters.

Some of the local artists who have work in the exhibition

I crossed my fingers in anticipation of August being free of Covid restrictions to allow a physical exhibition and soon the entries started to ping into my inbox.

Selection wasn't easy as there were a lot more #entries than I could accommodate. I had set out a criteria of including men and women in relatively equal quantities, as well as a broad age range and good range of mediums used. Equally important to the actual creation were the #stories that accompanied them, as they show the real and often touching side of others #experiences of lockdown.

some of the artists with their exhibits

Eventually I selected 35 works that represented that criteria as best I could and those pieces formed the exhibition, which opened at the Bank studio in the Beacon Centre in North Shields on Sunday the 1st August and ends on Tuesday 24th August. It is open to the public Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 10 am to 4pm. Private viewings can be arranged through me at alternative times.

I will get round to photographing each item individually with it's description, I just need a bit of time to do it while the exhibition is running, then I can create a record of what has been a really interesting and enjoyable process.

Whatever happens in my studio, or wherever else I create, I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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