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The Space Between

Updated: Apr 14

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The Space Between

I began this #painting some time ago, in September 2019 and wrote a blog back then about how she began, which you can find here

I didn't finish the painting, just as I was really feeling it, I completely lost the spiritual thread and moved into anger and another painting, which became 'stormfront'.

This, then unfinished painting, sat with her face to the wall for several months. Periodically I would pick her up, realise 'it's that #canvas I have lost the feeling for' and put her back.

At some point late last year when I last picked her up and turned her round, as she's not in the naughty corner after all, I had just lost touch with her, so how can I change that if we are not speaking?

There was no conversation for a short time and then suddenly during a coffee break, she coughed, as though to grab my attention and when I looked at her, she just said, 'it's time to talk or I'm putting myself back to face the wall. Well she got my attention and made me smile.

I hasten to add that when I speak of these conversations with paintings, they are on an intimate non-verbal level, as if the painting could talk, rather than me actually physically speaking to them, well not that I can, but you get my drift.

I put her on the easel made a fresh coffee and pondered how to reconnect with this painting, should I reconnect with it, or had that time now passed? I felt the strongest pull was to continue.

I could recall that the main themes were around the fluidity of life, hence the blue and red in the early stages, as without blood and water what are we? The wings are simply a #representation of the #spiritual and how fragile our hold on life can be. Perhaps no more so than in during the current #covid pandemic.

Picking the painting back up, while those themes are still true, my thinking has moved on. I feel life and death are too definite, too defined and are they enough to adequately describe the states we find ourselves in this world of technology? Is the fact we can breathe be enough to define us as living? If we can't breathe on our own are we therefore living? Is 'existing' a state of #living we should accept, or impose on others. Is there a spectrum of being? Is there a space between life and #death? All of those thoughts and others flowed through my mind and influenced the painting.

The space between

I enjoyed creating it because it challenged me. I used silver leaf to outline the representation of life and gold leaf for the outline of the wings. It is less about colour, much more about how those two energies are different forces.

The wings are highly textured to illustrate the many different forms of spirituality

I feel that I learned a lot from finishing this painting, mostly about myself but also about working methods and relationships of materials.

Whatever happens in my studio, or wherever else I create, I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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