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Surfacing with confidence

Beyond my expectations

The 18 works from the exhibition that have sold
The works from Surfacing that have sold

Once the exhibition was finished so was I, as I felt exhausted but also exhilarated. When I produced the paintings it was not with the primary purpose of selling them, as I felt compelled to produce them. However as a professional #artist I did hope some of them would sell, I just never imagined they sell as quickly as they did. Some disappeared on the first day but I had others to fill their spaces as they left to grace new homes. I had to make several choices over what to hang and when. I didn't know it at the time but now, knowing who bought what, I can smile quietly and could be forgiven for thinking the universe was guiding those decisions. Each time I returned to the Exchange to fill a gap I found more positive comments and encouragement. It felt quite surreal at times and went way beyond any expectation I had.

The final total for sales as of the 4th of July was eighteen sales, four #commissions and the offer of another exhibition at a different venue at some point. Those statistics were amazing on their own, but then people came and spoke to me, emailed me and shared their connections with my work, It was all quite overwhelming.

“Those statistics were amazing on their own but then people came and spoke to me, emailed me and shared their connections with my work, I was all quite overwhelming really.”

I took a holiday to rest and reflect on what I had done and achieved. I have now accepted I am a painter, I am also a writer. I can use them in isolation but the real power lies in combining them creatively to tell stories. That is a skill I am only just beginning to appreciate.

What next? Well my memoir is begun and I want to spend time writing that while things are fresh and ordered now in my mind. I have begun #painting again, with one on my easel and another primed and textured, where they will lead me or what they will say is not yet clear. What is clear to me is that I shall continue down my own creative path at my own pace, destination unknown......... whatever happens I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish.

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