• Gail Curry

Sunset on Tyne

The mighty Tyne in abstract

Sunset on Tyne

The river #Tyne is my local river and her history is long and well documented with an ancient priory and piers at her mouth, she has long supported the 'good folk of Shields' and beyond in many industries including, fishing, ship building, the oil industry and import and export to name just a few. There was a time in my lifetime when it was said if you fell in the river the pollution would kill you long before drowning. Happily that has changed and now the #river is clean and once again supports salmon, seals and the local community.

This #painting was probably born out of many visits but one particular golden sunset walk along the sea wall followed by a cup of coffee as the sun disappeared, is the most vivid in my memory. The water appeared to show molten #copper on the early summer stillness. The lines created by the tide and currents of this living volume of northern history were mesmerising, watching the fire and metal on the water, I could almost imagine a ship made only of the reflections rising and leaving on the tide.

Suunset on Tyne detail

Whatever happens in my studio I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish.

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