• Gail Curry


The landscape of struggle

Stormfront, finally resting, and complete.

I started this #painting on the 6th September, I decided it was finished on Friday 18th October, she is called Stormfront. 

Her story is in three parts, #radiotherapy, #surgery and #darkness, she is a #landscape of struggle, but we have become friends. 

I began her when my pain and frustration were limiting me, I couldn't use my left arm freely because of the surgery, so I used my right, as my frustration couldn't wait. However, I lacked the fine control that my leading arm has acquired over the years, so that plus the negative energies of pain, anger and frustration literally tore into the first #canvas with a pallette knife like an amateur #surgeon.

I toyed with the idea of stitching it back together but that felt a bit too macabre, so a fresh canvas was acquired to begin again. She took five visits to my studio to complete, the remaining four I managed with my trusty left hand leading the #process, but there were still forces at work.

Details from Stormfront

I might not have speech but I had some very candid conversations with this canvas revolving around the sea of #life, the cliffs of #destiny and the sun rising on my #future

Mixed media 50cm x 40 cm

Whatever happens in my studio I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish.

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