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River of Life

Flowing, living, growing, life so far in three panels

The River of Life

Following a trip to London in November 2019 I was flooded with memories of my time by the river Thames, which wasn't unexpected. I couldn't stop them, just as you can't stop a river, so I took note and reflected on them and what they showed me.

I used to walk for miles at night along the embankment, it was safer than sleeping in a doorway or under a bridge. It was also quieter, there were less people about and I could, on reflection now, allow myself to be creative with my thoughts and environment. The stars often looked like silver water lilies, I also recall the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben making me think of Mary Poppins or Peter Pan. I used to write wishes on leaves and throw them into the river and hope that somehow they would come true.

Eventually one of them did come true, as I was lifted out of my homeless state by two benevolent strangers and my river changed course in the most astonishing way.

The ebb and flow of my life has been influenced by many people, some perfect strangers, others have been friends or lovers, who have adjusted my direction for good or bad. Am I heading towards rapids or is there a quiet mooring in the distance? Who knows. All we know is that one day the flow will stop, our life and journey complete.

The River of Life in a home setting

Up until now I have painted exclusively on canvas, but for this work I chose to use wood panels for the first time, as wood floats, just as I have through life. I chose to use three as I am in the third quarter of my life having completed this just days before my 56th birthday. She, like me, has been an unhurried work, flowing at a pace that satisfied and I have enjoyed creating her while I considered and reflected on my life's course so far.

The river of life, a process of creation and reflection

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