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New Studio

Time to stop using my dining room and move into a freeing space to create and collaborate.

My new empty space ready for some pre-loved furniture

When I made the decision to become an artist full time five years ago, I began by working on my dining room table, but soon out grew it and eventually found a studio. The beauty of that was that having a dedicated space gave me so much more than I realised. Not only could I walk away from whatever I was doing and just leave it, which at home was difficult, but my head seemed to appreciate the freedom of a dedicated space free from interruptions. I moved out eventually and progressed to Happy Planet studio & gallery in Whitley Bay, which is now established. My journey in painting is just beginning, I have outgrown home as a viable space and the shop would not be suitable, so I wondered if I could find a studio and within a short space of time an opportunity arrived, so I've grabbed it.

“I need a safe place to paint in, I need somewhere I can put everything else aside and concentrate just on the canvas. I think an old bank seems to be pretty safe bet.”

The studio is inside the now empty former Nat West Bank, within Beacon Shopping Centre in North Shields. The space is managed by #EastStreetArts who take empty spaces and turn them into temporary creative spaces, although temporary is a very elastic term, with some space still in use after 7 years. Being in North Shields it is close enough to my home for me to walk to in theory, not that I can manage that by myself yet, but I'm sure it will be a positive driver for me to change that.

I need a safe space to paint in. I need somewhere I can put everything else aside and concentrate just on the canvas. I think an old bank seems to be a pretty safe bet, although the studio itself has one element that will challenge me in the most direct way, which is that it has no windows. I'm not bothered about natural light for painting, it's more about not having access to the sky visually and being in a confined space. One of them is a heavy trigger for me and the other is the resource I use to manage it. This could be very interesting and scary, but I have told myself, no matter what, I'm not giving up, PTSD's days of controlling me are numbered.

Creating & Collaborating

Once I get settled in I hope to meet the other artists and to be able to invite others into my space. To that end I have invested in some pre-loved furniture from #ouseburnfarm, to help keep the place in order and offer a chair to visitors.

I haven't moved in yet but already I can feel the excitement rising. My easel is empty but I doubt it will stay that way once it is set up in it's new home.

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