• Gail Curry

Making the decision was the easy part

So I made the decision to paint and I made it with awareness that there would be quite a lot to do to set me up as painter in my own right. Social media, or 'social tedia' as I call it, necessitates Instagram and Facebook. Once they were established I then had to think about a website, so I thought and then created it. It wasn't a totally irritating process but it came quite close, as I'd much rather be painting.

“I feel so constrained when I have to sit for hours at a laptop. I like writing but when I use a pen, I'm old.”

The hours of laptop time affected my mood, I feel so constrained when I have to sit for hours at a laptop, so I am delighted today, that the job is almost complete.

There are two remaining tasks, the first is to link my own domain, which could happen next week, followed a week later by replacing the temporary images with professional ones.

I have set myself the challenge of writing a regular blog, which will reflect both my art and my recovery.....but no more than 30 minutes a week.

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