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How the figures began

I knew I hadn't written here for a while but I didn't think it was a as long ago as March.

It's not due to the fact I have been inactive, actually quite the contrary, i have just been too involved in the creating.

Painting took a little bit of a rest and I returned to another favourite medium, #papermache, to start a series of figures I felt compelled to create to address the human condition in various guises.

The figures so far are very varied one person described one as 'disturbing' another 'macabre' but when the subject matter covers grief, depression, bullying, inner critics etc, is it that surprising?

I am calling the group, which is still growing, 'Dearly beloved', as I am exercising my right to irony and humour too. The smallest is approx 12 inches tall, the largest so far just over 2ft. When the family are complete I intend to exhibit them, whenever that is, probably next year

For now I will show you #innocence. She is approx 2ft tall including her balloons. She is eating ice cream and while distracted by that, the wind is about to take her on an adventure.

Speaking of #exhibitions I have also been busy in the background working on organising a community exhibition called 'Time on my hands', which is a collection of creative reflections of lock down, which include a series of clocks I created during my personal isolation this time round.

Unlike Just another day, this exhibition will not be online but in a gallery in August at the bank studios in North Shields, which is situated in the former Nat West Bank in the Beacon shopping centre. You can find details here

Meanwhile I have returned painting in between waiting for paper mache items to dry, so in my next blog I will share what has been happening on my easel.

Whatever happens in my studio, or wherever else I create, I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media

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