• Gail Curry

Just Another Day,

28 days later

Now a month on from launch it's been a busy time, from the point of view of publicising my work and trying to find time to continue painting.

I feel that my work has been very well received and the time taken over making the video was worth it, as the comments I have had have show appreciation of the medium and the way I presented my work

Of the 104 paintings I have to date sold 42, which is amazing and wonderful. I appreciate every single sale, not just because it will help provide the help I need to stand any chance of regaining my speech, but also because people have genuinely enjoyed my work.

I have been fascinated by who bought what. Some of you really surprised me, some of you didn't, but ti's great to know you are all happy with your original abstracts.

Details from some of the remaining paintings

The Cards too have been selling well with a very level mix of all designs, rather than one or two clear favourites emerging. I'd therefore like to thank everyone who has supported my work and my quest to speak again. rest assured if I do, I will be placing a video thank you on here for you all.

Whatever happens in my studio, or wherever else I create, I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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