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Holiday Mood

time away to rest and play

Like many of you I have had some time off from work, well the studio for a short #holiday. Managing a social enterprise shop as well as working as an #artist is a bit of a balancing act. I can't paint on demand, but I do have to manage the shop as needs arise. A lot of my attention in July was taken up by planning and securing new work for #Christmas from other artists, which may seem very early, but I have learned that I need to work that far in advance.

Once I had settled all of the Christmas orders and made agree ments with new artists it was time I could finally take some time off. I spent some of it way from home in the #Cotswolds with friends and the remainder in my garden, tending new plants and realising I had made a few mistakes in their placement. As ever I was struck by colour, shape and texture surrounding me and September will be the time to make those adjustments.

summer favourites

I did take a little time to collect a few #leaves and petals and have placed them in a press, as I intend to use them in the #silkpaper I talked about in my last post at some point. It's also possible that I may develop a new felt flower eventually.

I have only visited my #studio twice in the last month and on both occasions it was really to tidy up and just prime some canvasses. I'm not too sure about the new work yet, it's really just beginning to form. I have started to write new poems, maybe they will shed some light on what my mind has in store.

Overall I feel I am resting in a content space, ready to create what comes naturally.

Whatever happens I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish.

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