• Gail Curry

Finding my flow among the reeds and daffodils

with the ever shifting colours in the wind

Sunrise on the reed bed

I am rarely short of a #creative idea whichever medium I am working in, whether it's #paint, #felt or writing. However by the time I had arrived at #Lindisfarne in #Northumberland I was tired, depressed and just not feeling great. I didn't have an idea for a painting in mind I was happy to just see if I could coax my #flow back into being, having been away from my studio for several weeks due to moving house and Christmas business responsibilities.

I walked from the cottage I was staying at, in very strong winds towards the #castle, uncertain how far I would go but I followed the well worn path that leads to the left behind the castle and eventually reaches a large bird watching #hide. Perfect for a little rest out of the wind and as it happens perfect for the #sunrise to hit the lake and reed bed.

There were no birds that I could see, but that didn't matter, as the water was whipped up by the wind and the lakeside plants and reeds danced in the early morning light of oranges and reds. It was theatrical and as I watched this colourful event I found myself naming all the colours I could see in my head. My spirits immediately lifted and it would be fun to say I skipped merrily back to the cottage when it ended, but that would be untrue and quite impossible in those 60 mph winds, so sadly I walked back at a strange angle, but with a renewed #energy.

Start of the panel

I had primed wooden panels with me and having put the kettle on I began to recreate that early morning show of colour. I began with a reddish brown mix, just to lose the whiteness of the primer and followed that up with some yellow, before stopping to have breakfast.

Perhaps I should have a cooked #breakfast more often as when I returned to my easel I didn't stop again until my sunlight on reeds was completed, which was not a long time for me. I usually #photograph my process, so I can see how I created something, but this one just flowed so smoothly I forgot, so only have three photos of it.

I walked away and viewed it from the far end of the kitchen. I knew immediately it was finished, no need to keep it waiting on my easel to speak, the silence between us said it all. I was back by that reed bed.

Daffodils sheltering by the bench

Buoyed up with a satisfaction I had my flow back I went for a walk to the local coffee shop and passed a group of daffodils sheltering from the wind by a sturdy bench. They were the first ones I had seen fully open, so I took a photo. When I returned to the cottage I had an urge to paint using green, so I followed the urge. I knew within five minutes what I was subconsciously doing, it was the daffodils.

Daffodils flowing from my kitchen table

It kind of surprised me, as I have not painted and actual thing, I like to create abstracts, but I nothing ventured nothing gained. It took me less than an hour and I liked the end product. Will do I do more, who knows?

The remaining paintings I started were all abstracts and I will share those in the next post

Whatever happens in my studio I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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