• Gail Curry

Corona Virus, Socially Isolated At Home

in my new one metre square studio

14 days of creative play

Like countless others I find myself at home #sociallyisolating attempting to avoid the #coronavirus. My business is closed, as is my studio, so I find myself having to break the undertaking that I took when I moved house in January, that I wouldn't paint/work at home. Ah well needs must.

Watching other countries close their doors and streets in early March told me we would be doing the same fairly soon. If that was going to be the case, what did I need to do before the drawbridge was lifted? I don't watch TV and twelve weeks or more is a long time.

Art #materials needed to be collected and transported home and that dining table I had been putting off buying suddenly became an #essential business expense. I shall spare you the pantomime of reorganising my living space and building my Ikea purchases of said table and trolley, as If it takes two people to load it into the car, one person was always going to struggle getting it out and up a flight of stairs.

When I paint in my studio I am quite, shall we say flamboyant, with regards to the application of #paint, as the walls either side of my easel can bear witness. Not wishing to ruin furniture or carpets I knew I was going to have to 'curb my enthusiasm', if not change change my style for the duration of these challenging times. However with the aid of a large sheet of double thickness bubble wrap the white dining table of my dreams is, I hope, protected from the course of my #creativity, while I socially isolate to protect others and myself.

The trolley was purchased to store my materials in to make it easy to keep them close or push them out of the way into the hall or kitchen. In my studio I have the luxury of a large #easel and two large tables, while here at home I now have a metre square #table. It's not a complaint, it's just another challenge. So far, after 4 weeks, the #trolley has worked very well and is a success, so much so that when I move back to my studio I will be taking it there to keep me better organised. The furnishings remain intact too, although I have dipped tools in my coffee instead of water countless times so far....yuk!

With the prospect of 12 weeks at home I began painting with the thought of doing a small picture each day with the purpose of focusing my #attention at the start of a day, as well as #playing and experimenting with materials and recording my time in isolation. To do this I took one of the 60 cm square wood panels I had brought home and taped 7 x 5 inch pieces of good quality paper to it, which just happened to accommodate fourteen or two weeks.

I spent no more than 20 minutes with my morning coffee on the pieces, although occasionally they get my attention when I can't sleep. I can work just on one, or on many. What tends to happen is that I spend most of the time on one, but then add little touches to others. It is an exercise in #process, playing #creatively and that is a lovely way to learn about #materials, techniques and colours.

Currently I am using:

Acrylic paint

Paint markers

Oil pastels

Permanent markers

Gesso (a very matt surfaced paint used by artists to prime canvas and paper)

Masking tape

If you wish to join in please do, you don't need all of these materials, use what you have at home, there may be some coloured pencils or wax crayons, a pen or maybe you have some old magazines and some glue. I haven't added any #collage yet, but I might, just use what you can find and have some fun. If you wish to share what you create you can post to my Facebook page or drop me an email, I'd love to see what your play creates.

Whatever happens in my studio (wherever it's based) I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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