• Gail Curry

Beyond Lockdown

My studio beckons

I have in some ways enjoyed painting at home, as it gave me immediacy. However as time progressed and I became more productive, it also gave problems and chaos, which are counter productive to me and creativity.

I don't mind a little bit of untidiness but adapting my small living room to be studio, office, living room and dining room was bound to run it's course.

This weekend I have ventured back to my studio to give it a thorough clean and tidy, so that when I return I can start work immediately.

The most pressing job is, having cut 105 mounts for the #justanotherday series I painted, is to get them assembled and ready for sale.

The paintings have all been photographed now and I am in the process of creating a digital exhibition of them and the process, so that the whole collection can be viewed together.

I suppose now I have tided the studio I should really think about house work....... hmmm, maybe at the weekend.

Whatever happens in my studio, or wherever else I create, I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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