Time On My Hands

The thirteen clocks of my lock down

I chose to make clocks during the third lock down as I found time was the central element for me. 

Living alone and locked down without speech I could at times hear the sound of the allegedly silent clock. 

I didn't have my usual structure of going to work each day at my social enterprise, as Happy Planet Creative Arts was closed like so many other non-essential businesses.


The winter felt long, cold and difficult. Time felt uncertain and unstable. How long would the lock down last? How long before the virus was under control? How long before everyone is vaccinated and protected? I had lots of questions but they all lead me back to time. 

Three of the clocks represent what I saw as stability. The sun, who may not have been in great evidence each day but did rise and light our world.


In the same vain I made a moon clock, as each night I would search to find her and reassure myself another day had passed safely. 

The final stability was the earth, where all were affected by the global pandemic but life continued and she kept turning. 

All three of these clocks have their pointers placed in the centre, as they are stable and familiar as expected.


However that changed in the following ten as lock down progressed, The fittings were placed off centre, in some cases the pointers exceed the boundary of the edge of the clock, as though time were was spreading just like the virus. 

The surfaces of the clocks were created to mimic the view through microscopes, not just of the virus but of time. We all looked forward to safer times, when we could re-connect and re-establish ourselves in the familiar.